The Jaco  - Assistive Robot

For clients who have limited or no arm function, the Jaco assistive robot  can perform many tasks and activities. Jaco is typically mounted on a wheelchair and can be controlled through the wheelchair controls. The range of tasks Jaco can perform are only limited by the clients imagination.  Eating, drinking, door opening, picking objects up, holding a mobile phone - these are just some of the tasks Jaco can perform.

Rahana Life is proud to offer the Jaco assistive robot in the UK from the Canadian manufacturer Kinova.

Jaco has the following features:-

• Easy to operate

• Lighter and stronger than any other personal robot through the use of carbonfibre and advanced electronics

• Unique gripper with either three or two fingers dependent on client choice

• Use of pre-stored movement patterns

• Low weight (4,5 kg.) and therefore easy to put on/off the wheelchair and minimal effect on wheelchair performance

• Very low energy consumption. Under normal conditions the arm can be used all day long

• Safe

• Weather resistance

Download the Jaco User Guide here.