Dowing Dynamic Support Arm

The Dowing is designed to provide constant support of their arm while performing activities, from their wheelchair, office chair or indeed any chair.

Dowing can be used one their own or in pairs.

Typically Dowing can be used for eating, drinking, using a mobile phone, computer access, personal grooming, painting, and itching. In addition, it can help with shoulder or neck conditions that are aggravated by continuous or frequent tasks performed at or above shoulder level, typically in an office workplace.  The Dowing can also be used in appropriate rehabilitation therapy programmes.

Gravity compensation is easily adjustable and once adjusted, works at a constant force across the full movement range of the Dowing.

The Dowing arm trough and elbow support are multi-adjustable to fit the individual. In addition a wrist support is available.

The Dowing has a long reach and natural freedom of movement due to the unlimited rotational extension arms