Dynamic arm supports are used by people with weak muscles to support and position their arms to undertake everyday tasks such as eating, drinking, computer use, painting, personal grooming, using a mobile phone, and itching. There are associated physical benefits of using dynamic arm supports such as maintaining arm movement and residual strength, alongside psychological benefits such as greater independence and dignity and improved social interaction.

These fit to wheelchairs, tables, desks or a stand.

Matching the specific device to the client is crucial to get the best outcomes and this is achieved by a thorough understanding of the client’s needs through a detailed assessment.

Rahana Life is proud to offer the Edero, Pura, Elemento and Ayura from the Armon range of arm supports. We also offer the Gowing dynamic arm support from Focal Meditech.



The Armon EDERO Dynamic Arm Support


The Armon Edero is an arm support, especially designed for those who only have limited strength in their arms, or for those that can only use their muscular strength for a limited time. Edero is a manual arm support, that follows the natural movement of the user, allowing the arm to move easily in all directions. The Edero arm support remains under the control of the user, by using the residual movement of the user’s arm. The arm support consists of a balance mechanism and a fully adjustable weight compensation system.

The arms are continually supported and the load on the shoulders, neck and the back is substantially less.
Movements are supple and require a minimum of strength and energy.



The Armon Elemento Dynamic Arm Support


The Armon Elemento is an electrically powered arm support. The Elemento makes it possible for users to adjust the level of support at any time using the controls or a touch screen. Thus, for users who find using the Edero quickly tiring, the Elemento offers some advantages.

The Elemento is easy to detach from the wheelchair when not in use

Many functions can be undertaken using the Elemento including eating, drinking, shaking hands, grasping and lifting objects, and indeed many activities of daily living such as comb hair, brushing teeth or washing your face.

The Elemento is suitable for both left and right handed users and can accommodate a range of user sizes.



Dynamic Arm Support


The Gowing dynamic arm support uses the principle of assistance when chosen. In other words the user has a choice to use the in-built, and fully adjustable gravity compensation, or the powered assistance available – in fact the Gowing cleverly allows for a combination of both. For those tasks you may not be able to quite reach using just the gravity compensation function, for example holding your mobile phone to your ear, you can press a switch and the powered assistance will do the rest for you. This is one feature of the Gowing, there are many others that make this such a versatile and useful tool. It can be used by clients with very limited arm range of movement and help increase their independence and self-esteem.


Typically Gowing can be used for eating, drinking, using a mobile phone, computer access, personal grooming, painting, and itching. In most cases it is mounted to a wheelchair.


Vertical movements are supported by a hybrid system. This means that both gravity compensation and external power can be used. This hybrid technology also allows the locking of the lower arm at any point. Underneath this point the support will not move but the arm can still be moved upwards and the lower arm can make balanced movements. This can be effective when typing or eating or using a mobile phone.

There are various options to quickly adapt Gowing to changing tasks and environments. This is done through the operation of an ergonomic 9-button interface. This switch panel is light and compact and can be positioned at any desired location to ensure easy control. The switch panel provides user feedback on selected switch activities through light and sound.

The following functions can be operated with the switch panel:

• Position lock

• Gravity compensation

• Automatic horizontal adjustment

• Inclination angle corrector

• Lift mechanism

The Gowing arm trough and elbow support are multi-adjustable to fit the individual. In addition a wrist support is available.

Download the Gowing brochure here.

Download the Gowing manual here.