Jaco is a personal robot designed to be used by people with very little or no hand function.
Jaco can assist with many tasks and daily activities, increasing abilities and maximising independence. Jaco is fitted to the side of an electric wheelchair and is operated using the existing wheelchair control. The Jaco was developed by Kinova in Montreal, Canada and has users across the World.


our goal is to increase each individual users range of capabilities to help them live a better life
— Rahana Life

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Jaco increases independence by offering the ability to achieve tasks and daily functions under the control of the user. Jaco will decrease reliance of family members and carers.

Jaco is versatile and will cope with many different tasks. Drinking, opening doors, using keys, picking objects up, turning appliances on, opening the fridge - the list is only limited by the user’s imagination.

Jaco has many built in safety features so that a user can operate it with confidence.

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Jaco is a light and strong construction using carbonfibre and advanced electronics.

Jaco is compact, with an arm reach of 90cm.

Jaco is powered from the electric wheelchair and typically will last all day.

Jaco has joints to mimic the shoulder, arm and hands, with two or three fingers.

Jaco control is intuitive and user friendly.

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Jaco can be mounted on almost any electric wheelchair.

Jaco allows a user much more freedom to interact with their environment, providing opportunities at home, work and leisure - connecting with people.

Jaco is controlled by the user's wheelchair control system, either joystick, head array or sip and puff.