Watch Danielle feed herself for the first time and read her powerful Obi testimony below!

Danielle's Obi Testimony
"On April 29, 2019, something beyond amazing happened! For the first time in my 35 God-given years I got to feed MYSELF with the help of Obi!! To describe my feelings as I took that first bite of yogurt is still difficult even as I write this! Vanilla yogurt is one of my favorite things to eat, and yet I have never taken a bite of it even remotely independently until that day.

All I can say to sum up my feelings about my experience during my hour-long Obi trial is that if I had my way I would have one TOMORROW, and, for the very first time in my life, I can say that all the food that I dropped into my lap was ALL MY doing rather than that of the person feeding me! I have no one but myself to blame! :-) To be able to make that statement is incredibly liberating! Who knew that someone would be as excited as I am about being able to drop food into their lap?! "

Simon Fielden